Frequenty Asked Questions

How do I book?

All sessions are booked and paid for online using our booking system at or by clicking on the ‘Book Now’ button.

Can I book a one-off session or blocks of session’s only?

We like to be as flexible as possible, so for our pre-school and baby play sessions we offer one-off and block booking options. We believe that block bookings are the best option as it is proven that children benefit most when their visits to the woods are regular and over an extended period of time. Returning regularly also allows children to build upon and consolidate the skills they learn with us. They are also cheaper! The family play sessions are ‘pop ups’ so are always booked as one offs.

How much do sessions cost?

Pre-school Play sessions cost £8.00 for one off sessions and £7.50 if booked as a block.

Baby play sessions cost £7.00 for one off sessions or £6.50 if booked a block.

Family play sessions cost £10.00 for 2 adults and 1 child. Additional adults or children are charged at £2.50 each.

Can I bring more than one child?

Yes. One adult can bring up to two children. If you would like to bring more than 2 children, please contact us to discuss.

Can I turn up and pay on the day?

Sorry but no. We need to know in advance how many children to expect so that we can prepare appropriately and to ensure we do not exceed the capacity of the site. If there are spaces available, you will be able to book these up to 30 minutes before the start of a session.

What if I need to cancel or change my booking?

If you purchase an Explorer Pass you have 3 months to use the sessions and these are transferable up to 48 hours before your session. Single sessions are non refundable and transferable at our discretion.

What ages are your sessions suitable for?

For both the Pre-school and Family play sessions we recommend that children are able to confidently walk. This is when they will get the most from the sessions. Pre-school play is for children up to aged 5 (starting school) and the Family play is for children up to aged 11 (the end of primary school). Babies in slings accompanying older siblings are free of charge but we ask that you book and pay for a space for your child once they reach their first birthday. Our baby sessions are specifically for babies from birth to walkers.

How long do the sessions last for?

Preschool and family play sessions are 90 minutes long, during which time you will have access to our beautiful woodland site and all of our resources. Spend time playing with your child in the mud kitchen, navigating slacklines and pulleys, hunting for insects or jumping in our muddy creek! During the session grab a hot drink and chat to other like-minded parents. Play will be supported and extended by skilled and qualified staff. Often this will be in the form of an activity which may link to a story, the weather or seasons or children’s interests. Baby play sessions are unhurried and around an hour in duration, running only during the warmer months.

What days/times will the sessions be?

Pre-school Play sessions will be held on Monday and Friday mornings from 10-11.30am from April 2019. Family Play sessions will be held regularly as ‘pop ups’ starting with our Spring special in May 2019. Baby play sessions will run during the warmer months on Friday afternoons from 1.15-2.15pm.

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Is there car parking available?

Yes. You can park at Follifoot Cricket club which is adjacent to our woodland. Enter through the Cricket Club entrance and follow the road around the field to park around the large tree.

Can I get to Børn of the Forest by public transport?

Yes. The X70 service runs between Harrogate and Wetherby via Follifoot. There is more information here: For making a sustainable travel choice we’ll even give you discount off your session fees. Email us to let us know that you’re travelling by bus and we’ll send you a discount code to use.

Are there any other discounts available?

Let us know if you’re using any other sustainable travel options such as walking, cycling or by car share and we will happily extend the discount to you too.

How can I find you?

We are located at Old Gate woods, in the woodland to the West of Follifoot Cricket Club. If arriving by car, park beside the cricket pavillion and then through the gate to the permissive path. You’ll see the gate to access Børn of the Forest on your right hand side. If walking or arriving by bus you can access our site via the permissive path on Pannal Road. Follow the path to almost the top and you will see our gate located on your left hand side. Visit our Find us tab for map and address details.

Why play in the woods with Børn of the Forest?

Our woodland play sessions aim to give children and their parents/carers time to connect with nature and each other, in a fun and playful way. Children (and adults) who spend more time outdoors are healthier and happier. They learn about and feel a connection to nature and our natural world. This is great for them, our communities and the environment as a whole. Playing outdoors in this way also helps to build resilience, problem solving skills, creativity and communication skills. Our sessions are facilitated by staff qualified in Forest School Leadership and Early Year’s Education and Development and will ensure your child gets the most from the sessions.

What clothing should we wear?

That depends on the season. we can provide you with a kit list when you book.

  • Old clothes (children and adults) that you don’t mind getting muddy.

  • Comfortable clothes that cover the arms and legs.

  • Layers that can be added to or removed easily.

  • Wellies or sturdy closed toe shoes (which you don't mind getting wet and muddy!)

  • Waterproofs.

For technical outerwear we recommend Spotty Otter. Mari (our toddler) has tried the range and has several different splash suits, welly boots, a jacket and trousers! They are all excellent at keeping her totally dry and toasty warm. Get yours here: The code BORN15 will get you 15% off the entire range on the Little Trekkers site, including Spotty Otter!

What do you do when it rains or it is really cold?   

We embrace it! We play in all weather and believe it’s just about having the right kit to wear (both children and adults). The woodland gives us some natural shelter from tree cover but we can also build a den, light a fire or we can just carry on playing under our large parachute shelter which is permanently erected.

What about severe weather?

We stay outdoors in most weather but if the winds get too strong and we feel safety would be compromised we will either cancel the session or take temporary refuge in the cricket pavilion. If we have to cancel a session you will receive a credit to use at another time.

Do you have toilet facilities?

Yes! We have access to the toilet at the cricket pavilion which is just a short walk from our main base camp. There is also a changing unit for any little ones needing a nappy change. We just ask that you take all waste home with you.

How do you stop dog walkers and members of the public accessing the woods?

The safety of your children is paramount. The whole area of woodland used by Børn of the Forest is fenced or walled. To access our area you must come via the Børn of the Forest entrance where there is a locked gate only accessed by ringing the bell to gain entry.

Can I bring my child’s buggy?

You can bring a single buggy but do be aware that the forest isn’t even ground and it may be difficult to navigate. We recommend that you bring your baby in a sling. You can chat to our friends at CarryMoor Sling Library if you need to hire a sling to use or you need free advice on how to use your own sling.

How do I ask more questions?

Just click on the Contact Us tab in the menu bar and complete the form. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can and will be happy to answer any extra questions.